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Our Mission Statement:
Together we value, inspire and prepare your child for their future 
within a happy, caring Christian community.

We feel these three words sum up our vision for the school:



Mrs Louise Gurney - Headteacher

Welcome to Debden Church of England Primary Academy. I believe that your child should be VALUED as an individual and nurtured in a fun and inspiring way. We ASPIRE to give your child an outstanding well rounded education with a firm basis of reading, writing and maths to prepare them for the future. We believe that ALL children should ACHIEVE the best they can be. I believe childhood memories are made at primary school and we want to create these together.

 Please come and have a look round our warm and friendly school website that shows off our school to find out what we can offer you and your child.

Enjoy our website and please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or suggestions! Have a look at our school prospectus. 

Head Boy and Head Girl Welcome

What’s great about Debden?


Debden has a fantastic range of amazing talent. Also we have some strict but fun rules to make sure everyone is safe and happy and can do their best.


Debden is great because in Maths we have so many fun activities to keep us going. In addition, our learning system in Maths has improved; usually you will get a choice of challenge (1* 2*and 3*) depending on how well you have understood the lesson. This means that we can choose the level of difficulty in our learning and challenge ourselves.


English is also very fun. We have lots of tasks to do and our learning of a new unit always starts with a cold task. You have got to do your very best in this first piece of writing. You are then taught the information within the unit (which usually involves learning a text off by heart using a text map!). At the end of the unit you will do a hot task to show how well you understood that unit.


We also have intervention groups where you can go and have some extra learning to boost your confidence and skills.


Our library is amazing! It is the best place if you want some peace and quiet; it is also really helpful because at break times and lunch times we are allowed to go in it. The librarians do a great job of looking after it and helping us to choose new books. 


Debden has a great variety of clubs that children can attend. From Mindfulness club to Athletics club. Clubs are run at lunch times and afterschool. 


We are lucky to go on lots of trips and to take part in lots of sporting events. 


We have learnt so much in the time we have been here and have been really happy. We are going to really miss Debden because it is so lovely and everyone is so kind to one another.


Freddie and Molly, Year 6

Head Boy and Head Girl