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Kwik Cricket Tournaments 24/05/17

Kwik Cricket Tournaments 24/05/17 1
Kwik Cricket Tournaments 24/05/17 2

Tag Rugby Tournament 01/02/17

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Sports Hall Athletics


On Wednesday 25th January all year six and a few year fives went to the sports hall athletics tournament at the Joyce Frankland Academy, there were five schools including Debden that took part. There were games like the medicine ball, long jump, triple jump, relays and lots more! Overall every one enjoyed themselves and we are all very proud of our achievements because we came second!

By Molly Wise 

Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16

Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16 1
Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16 2
Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16 3
Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16 4
Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16 5
Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16 6
Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16 7
Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16 8
Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16 9
Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16 10
Dodgeball Tournaments 23/11/16 11

On Wednesday 23rd November some of the children from key stage two went to the second round at Carver Barracks. The children from year six came 9th out of 11 schools. The children from year 3 and 4 came 2nd out of 5 schools. We all enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun.

By Charlotte Armour 

Cross Country Tournament Round 2

On Wednesday 16th November the Year 3, 4 and 6 girls went to the partnership cross country race. We raced against some really big schools like R.A.B and St Thomas Moore. We all did really well and tried our absolute best. Thank you to Mrs Dale, Mrs Cox and Mrs Diggins for taking us and supporting us at the cross country. Reported by Alice Rewse-Davies 

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Cross Country Tournament


On the 2nd of November, 31 members of KS2 went to cross country at Joyce Frankland Academy.  We were very successful and had great fun even though it was very cold. We’re very excited that years 3, 4 and 6 girls qualified and will be attending round two later in the month. Mrs Dale, Mrs Hare, Mrs Cox and Mrs Arundell were all there including a few supportive parents.


Layla Brown – Kingfisher Class

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Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball Tournament 1 The Team
Dodgeball Tournament 2 Tired but happy
Dodgeball Tournament 3
Dodgeball Tournament 4 All the competitors
Dodgeball Tournament 5 Gold, silver and bronze medallists

On 19 October at 1pm some of our children went to represent us at a dodgeball tournament in Newport.  We played against some really good schools such as Rickling, Great Chesterford, Farnham and Wimbish.  The people who played were Freddie, Ashton, Kamran, Charlotte, Evie and Teddy.


By Charlotte, Kingfishers.

Multi-skills - year 3 and 4

We went to Joyce Frankland Academy in Newport to do our multi-skills! We werent the only school doing multi-skills. Newport, Rickling and Wimbish primary schools were there as well. The activities included: 


  • Basketball shooting
  • Over and under
  • Toss and catch (a game where you throw and catch) 
  •        Bean bag in the hoop
  • Stealing tennis balls

We had lots of fun and want to go there next year too!


By Amalie and Kaitlyn, Class 3 


Boys Football Tournament

Boys Football Tournament 1

First we warmed up by taking shots at Freddie, who was in goal. This was great fun! Then we watched Radwinter play before playing against them. After that we played Stebbing, and then Walden. Finally, we played Rickling. Following a break we moved into the semi-final. We had to play Radwinter again but we lost 5-0. Then we lost 3-0 against Stebbing. All in all, we all had a great time and from the tournament we learnt to work as a team. 


Kamran Sehgal Pancholi Year 6


Girls Football Tournament

Girls Football Tournament 1

On Wednesday, the Year 6 and a few Year 5 girls went to a football tournament at Herberts Farm. Overall the girls really enjoyed it and Layla Brown scored two amazing goals. They came 6th and they all played their absolute best. Evie Diggins was captain and she led the team really well and gave them all encouragement even when they were losing. Thank you to Mrs Cox and Mrs Dale who took the girls and the boys to the football and back again. 


Alice Rewse-Davies Year 6


Year 3 and 4 Football Training


On Wednesday 28th September, Year 3 and 4  travelled excitedly to JFAN to participate in a session of football training provided by external coaches.  The children enjoyed an afternoon of learning new skills and competed in a mini tournament along with other local schools.

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Girls Football Training


Our year 5 and 6 girls took part in a session of football training, held at Joyce Frankland Academy, Newport on Wednesday 28th September.  The session was to provide additional training for our girls in preparation for the annual football tournament to be held in early October.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed a morning of coaching by external coaches and are now looking forward to taking part in the tournament.

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Key Stage 2   Athletics Tournament


38 children from Key Stage 2 took part in the Partnership athletics tournament today (24/06/16). The children participated in various track and field events including high jump, long jump, javelin, sprint and relays. The event kicked off with an 'Olympics Style' flag parade and the reading of the Olympic Oath. All of our children tried their absolute best and we had many successes. A special thanks to FODS for buying the children ice cream after the event.

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Tag Rugby Tournament


After successfully qualifying from the Family Tournament in February, Debden took part in the Partnership Tournament this afternoon (4th March). We played at Carver Barracks, which is a new venue for the tournament. Sixteen schools took part and we were put into a pool of 4. After the first 3 matches we were placed second in our pool. We then went on to play another four matches and were placed 8th overall. The children played brilliantly and should be very proud of their achievement. A big thank you to all the parents who came and stood in the mud to support us and special thanks to Mr Baleisolomone who stepped in as referee. Well done Debden! 

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Tag Rugby Tournament


Debden took part in the Newport Family Tag Rugby Tournament on Wednesday (10th February).  Ten teams took part from 6 local primary schools and a great morning of rugby was enjoyed by all.  Debden B team played valiantly and should be very proud of their efforts. Debden A team showed some great skill and played through to the semifinals.  Coming fourth overall, they have qualified for the Partnership tournament to be held in March.  Well done Debden!


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Indoor Athletics Tournament

On Wednesday 20th January, Year 6 and 3 year 5 children went to Joyce Frankland Academy Newport to take part in the Sports Hall Athletics Tournament.  There were 4 other schools competing:  Wimbish, Rickling, Great Chesterford and Clavering.  We took part in many different activities including standing long jump, speed bounce, vertical jump and javelin.  After these competitions, we had running races.  These were mainly relay races. We had an obstacle race, a 6 lap paarlauf and an under and over relay among others.  It was a very exciting and noisy afternoon and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  We were very pleased to be placed third overall.

By Harriet, Evie and Charlotte

Swimming Gala

Report from our year 6 school councillors; Harry Bird & Caitlin Anderson:

This year some swimmers from our school were chosen to go to the swimming gala at Lord Butler Leisure Centre. The competition was tough.

After being nervous all day, we finally got on the bus to go to the gala. When we got there, we went to the sports hall to get ready to go to the pool ... Tui, however, had ripped his hat and couldn’t get it on! That was the first problem of the day.

When we walked into the pool area, the atmosphere was bubbling with excitement. Our first swimmer, Aaliyah, got into position for the freestyle race... “ 3, 2, 1, GO!” shouted the lady! Suddenly, the whole room started screaming to support their team; Aaliyah did brilliantly - she had won us our first race!

Then everything got a bit chaotic; no one really knew where they were supposed to be or what race was next.

After a long afternoon, everyone had enjoyed themselves and got on the bus and went back to school. 

Cross Country

On Wednesday the 18th November, we had two teams and one individual competing at the partnership cross country in Newport. The Year 3 girls and Year 4 girls as well as Caitlin in Year 6 all won their events at the Newport Family competition and have therefore been selected. We wish them well. 

Football Tournament

Sport’s Report 9th October 2015

Our Y6 boys and girls (plus two Y5 girls) represented Debden at the annual Uttlesford School Sport’s Partnership Football Tournament on Wednesday of this week, playing in the Small School’s League.

In the morning the boys played really well throughout their rounds, improving with every game. They encountered some stiff opposition, but battled through every match, gaining confidence as a team and working together with support, determination and encouragement. Well done boys!

In the afternoon the girls played in a round robin of four games, winning comprehensively in three out of four of their games (scoring 27 goals!!) and emerging as Champions of the Small Schools. That pitched them in a three way tie against the winners of the Medium and Large Schools to find the overall winners of Uttlesford.  They fought bravely in their two remaining matches to finally end up as second in Uttlesford, a truly remarkable result! Well done girls.

Well done to both of our teams who represented Debden School with pride and conducted themselves on the field of play with team spirit and a true sense of fair play.