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Severe or Exceptional Weather

In the light of recent drop in temperature as well as recent heavy rainfall, I wanted to ensure that you are all aware of our policy for severe or exceptional weather.

In the event of severe weather conditions it may be necessary as a last resort to close the school. The school will make every effort to remain open whenever possible. 

The school will only be closed if one or more of the following conditions apply:


  1. Insufficient numbers of staff are able to come in to keep the school running safely
  2. Conditions on site are dangerous
  3. Conditions are considered to be, or are anticipated to later become, too hazardous for travel


In the event of the school being closed before the start of the school day the following systems will be in place:


Ø  Log onto the school website

Ø  By ringing the school number after 8.30am you will hear a message advising you of the closure

Ø  A board will be placed outside the school informing you of the closure

Ø  Please go to this site:

  • “Path: Visit Essex County Council's homepage at, and search for Emergency School Closures or click in to the Education and Schools area, click Schools, click Dates and click Emergency Closures.

The Emergency Closures page will update as and when notifications are received, therefore it is recommended to continue to check or refresh the page.” ​

Ø  Please note:  We do not put school closures on the local radios any more.


Snow Play Activities
We would like classes to have the opportunity for constructive snow play if conditions on the playground or field are deemed safe should we have significant snow. Should this situation arise a risk assessment will be undertaken and a decision made on the day by Mrs Gurney in consultation with staff. This decision will be reviewed on a daily basis depending on the snow conditions. In order for children to participate in their class snow play activity they MUST HAVE the following clothing and footwear:

  • Warm coat

  • Wellington boots (named) with peg to attach boots together

  • Change of footwear for indoors

  • Gloves

  • Hat

If you do not want your child(ren) to be included in this activity should the situation arise please let your child’s teacher or the school office know. If you have any queries regarding this please speak either to me or your child’s Class Teacher.